Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dental Laser Treatment & Surgeries

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Dental laser treatment and surgeries

Dental laser treatment and surgeries: Lasers have revolutionized multiple industries, and oral care is no exception. Although laser periodontal therapy is still in its infancy – and not yet considered a proven method of treatment by Ashok Dental Clinic it shows promising results for eligible patients.
Understanding Periodontal Disease: Poor oral hygiene, Smoking, Chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, certain medications, Genetic susceptibility.
Typical treatment for periodontal disease is scaling and root planning (SRP), which is a non-surgical method of cleaning the surfaces of the teeth and their root which may be exposed due to gum recession. This removes tartar, plaque and bacteria from the gum surrounding the root, and promotes the healthy regeneration of the gum tissue.

How Laser Therapy Works:

In periodontal laser therapy, the provider uses a dental laser to access and remove the inflamed gum tissue from around the root of the tooth. When the infected tissue is removed and the root is exposed, the root scaling begins. This involves scraping off the calculus and plaque built up below the gumline and around the root. The dentist then smooths the root with instruments to remove any rough spots that might attract bacteria and cause future infections. The area between the gum and the root can then regenerate during the healing process.

Some medical authorities don't yet support the use of this therapy. However, suggests there is insufficient evidence that any particular laser's wavelength is better than traditional treatment. This does not mean the is against the practice, but you should still play it safe until more professional associations approve this practice – particularly with regard to the restoration of tissue after therapy.

Nevertheless, there are some risks to the use of laser periodontal therapy. One of these is the fact that you are a human being; if your dental professional uses an inappropriate wavelength or power level, it could cause further damage to the periodontal tissue. There is also concern among providers that advertising hype is attributing more to this therapy than it should.

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